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Equistro Secreta Pro Max

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Tomlynís Equistro Secreta Pro Max is an herbal-based, highly palatable pelleted supplement for horses suffering from or at risk for respiratory health concerns. Black horehound and thyme help keep airways open. Coltsfoot, grindelia, mullein, and climbing ivy help maintain secretions of optimal viscosity. Other herbs support a normal respiratory hygiene status. Vitamin E supports normal defense mechanisms. The product is easy to administer (10-20 grams, 1-2 scoops per day) and can be used situationally or for maintenance. It is FEI Clean Sport friendly.

    Horses benefiting from Secreta Pro Max may include:
  • Performance horses
  • Race horses
  • Horses that co-mingle at competitions and recreational events
  • Horses transitioning to new facilities for stabling or training
  • Weanlings

Owners may also find the product helpful for horses that ship frequently, are stabled in barns, and kept on dusty bedding such as shavings or straw.

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