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Eye Lubricants

At EntirelyPets, we're committed to providing you with the means to let your pet live life to its fullest. Constantly having dry, irritated eyes can be quite the hindrance for your furry sidekick. Help them watch the world go 'round with our selection of eye lubricants.

Common causes of dry eye in your pet are much like those of human beings. Dirt, dust, smoke and other particles scratch along the surface of the eye, while a run-in with a much larger object like a branch or picnic table can cause a bit of swelling. Common environmental allergies also aren't out of the question. And also just like humans, your pet can find relief in lubricating drops and ointments. Specialty drops can target issues like cataracts and ocular degeneration. Your dog or cat can people watch from the front porch well into the golden years.

Another cause of dry eyes may be keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), also known as dry eye syndrome, a deficiency in the aqueous tear film that covers the eye and its lids. This causes severe dry and inflammation in both the cornea and the conjunctiva. It's relatively common in dogs, but uncommon in cats. Research has suggested that the females of each order may be more prone to KCS than the males.

KCS presents itself the same way in both dogs and cats - something both sides can agree on! They may experience excessive blinking, red eyes from swollen blood vessels, swelling of the tear film (chemosis), a prominently visible third eyelid, eye discharge and in severe cases, impaired vision. Talk to your veterinarian about these symptoms, as they may be caused by more serious conditions like neurological issues, immune-mediated diseases, drug toxicity, conjunctivitis and distemper. Protect those puppy dog eyes!