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Eyenimal Canicom Spray Black Extra Collar

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Eyenimal Canicom Spray Extra Collar helps keep your best bud’s barking down to a minimum. This extra collar was made to pair with your Eyenimal Canicom remote control and contrary to shock collars, it uses essential oils to help safely stop and prevent future excessive barking. This accessory was designed specifically for your furry friend who may be sensitive to stimulation and needs a more natural reinforcement method. Each bark triggers a mist of spray from the waterproof collar that was designed for long-lasting usage.

Key Features:

  • Designed to pair with the Eyenimal Canicom Spray remote control.
  • Helps to safely stop excessive barking.
  • Waterproof and made with a long-lasting battery.
  • Contains all-natural essential oils.
  • Paw-fect for your sensitive sidekick as settings allow you to adjust the amount of spray a bark triggers.

Reliable and efficient of the Canicom Spray receiver collar:

  • shower proof
  • battery life: approx. 88 hours with 1 long spray + 1 beep sound + 1 vibration every 8 minute

Specifications of the Canicom Spray receiver collar:

  • weight: 70 g (with empty tank)
  • dimensions: 62 mm x 43 mm x 41 mm
  • power: 3-V CR1/3N lithium battery (supplied)
  • strap: length 65 cm / width 25 mm – adjustable for neck sizes from 20 up to 50 cm

Useful Information

Before using your product, we advise you to have your dog checked by your vet to ensure he is fit to wear a collar.

Never leave the collar more than 8 hours per day on your dog.

Start with the lowest level of stimulation and define the level from which your dog reacts by increasing gradually.


To clean the collar, use a soft cloth slightly moistened with water. Do not use solvents or harsh detergents to clean your collar.

The strap can be hand-washed with soapy water. The spray can make your dog's hair sticky. Wash your dog's neck area weekly with a washcloth and mild soap then rinse and dry.


Should your product stop working or develop a fault, first read the guide over, then make sure the problem is not caused by weak batteries,incorrect use, or an empty tank.

If you encounter any problem, re-code the receiver collar with the remote control (ref. Coding procedure). If the problem persists, contat your distributor.

You can also contact EYENIMAL by Email

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