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Green Pet Fleaze-off

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Not a fan of harsh chemicals? Donít know how to feel about applying unknown substances to your beloved pet? Green Pet Fleaze-Off is an organic and non-toxic alternative to naturally protect your pet from pests and parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitos and flies. Fleaze-Off features a unique blend of all-natural lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame oil and castor oil as the active ingredients so you know that it is safe for your pet. Finally, a flea product with ingredients you can recognize!

It is known that fleas, ticks and mosquitoes hate citrus smells. Although it smells great to us, the smell of lemongrass oil is putrid to fleas. That being said, because this all-natural solution is free of alcohol and chemicals, it does not kill the pests but keeps them away by making their environment hostile instead. Theyíll be running for dear life while your pet is itch-free and smelling fresh!

Fleas love to feed on young puppies and kittens. This is deadly for your little pup. Since they are small, they donít have much blood to begin with. A flea infestation in your newborn will lead them to suffer from extreme anemia that can possibly kill them. This is why itís important to get them off your pet as quickly as possible! Most flea products on the market are too harsh and toxic for a young pet to take. Luckily, there are natural alternatives out there like Green Pet Fleaze-Off. With a gentle and alcohol-free formula, you can get rid of those biting bugs from your animal companion at any age and keep them safe!

There is a reason why this product is the 2010 winner for Best Pet Product by FIDO magazine. Not only is Fleaze-Off 100% safe for your animals, but it is incredibly effective in repelling fleas to keep your furry friend protected.

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