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Green Pet Fleaze-Off Insect Spray (8 oz)

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Green Pet Fleaze-Off Insect Spray uses a special blend of natural oils to create a barrier that helps protect your pets from unwelcome pests and parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Our formula does not kill the intruders; it makes the environment inhospitable. Fleaze-Off does not use synthetic chemicals or drugs.

    Naturally Protects Against
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies


Active Ingredients:
Lemongrass Oil 4%
Cinnamon Oil 1%
Sesame Oil 1%
Castor Oil 0.5%
Inert Ingredients:
Purified Water 93.5%

Useful Information

Shake well before each use. Please read all direction carefully before application.

Spray generously on fur, including legs and stomach and then work into the coat if necessary. Depending on the thickness, type, and length of fur, the spray may require additional rubbing to get the product through the entire coat. Avoid contact with mucous membranes by covering the animal's nose, mouth, and eyes when applying near the animal's head. Use a cloth or our handy pre-soaked wipes to apply the product on the animal's face. Reapply as needed before the animal goes outside or whenever the animal is thoroughly wet.

Avoid soaking the animal with the spray. Keep the cap on bottle when not in use.

This spray can also be used on the pet's bedding and grooming tools.

HOT SPOTS: Very good feedback on use for dogs with hot spots. The vets clean out the, and then the dog goes outside….the flies lay their eggs in the hot spot, and it becomes infected with maggots. The Flea spray prevents the flies from laying their egg, and it does not sting or irritate the hot spot.


Excellent results using this as an adjunct or alternative to Oral & Topical (systematic) Flea products.

The flea has to bite the animal to die, and for dogs with flea dermatitis (allergic reaction to flea bites), the Flea spray works well because it prevents the reaction (dogs going nuts).

Some vets are using as an adjunct to the systematic flea products because it reduces the incident of flea bites.

FIRST AID If the product gets into the eyes, hold the eye open and gently flush for 15-20 minutes. If the repellent gets into a human's eye that is wearing contacts, remove the contact after the first 5 minutes of flushing, then continue to rinse for the remaining 10-15 minutes. Call a poison control center or doctor / veterinarian for additional treatment advice.

If the spray is inhaled, get fresh air immediately. If breathing has stopped, call 911 or an ambulance; qualified personnel should administer artificial respiration. If the liquid is ingested, do not induce vomiting unless directed by a physician. Drink plenty of water and call a poison control center.

CAUTION: For Use on Dogs and Cats Only.

Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

Sensitivities can occur after using any flea prevention program. If your pet shows signs of irritation, rinse them thoroughly, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse again. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Customer Reviews

7 Reviews
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29% (2)
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14% (1)
86% Recommend this product (6 of 7 responses)
By Cat L.
May 2, 2017
Fleaze-Off..Great Product!
Fleaze-Off has worked for our 2 cats for 8 years. It is very easy to apply and has a very pleasant smell.
By Pak
Hong Kong, HK
October 5, 2015
Green Pet Fleaze-Off (8 oz)
This prodcut is worked to keep mosquitos away from my dog when we go to hiking. Thanks for this wonderful product.
By 4evrMoi
Lancaster, OH
September 25, 2014
Spray Flea Control
This product gives one, especially "cat owners", a more secure feeling that the product is going to work since it is a spray that you can really rub into the fur. However, it NEEDS an EASIER SPRAY NOZZLE (NOT a "pump") that sprays a longer spray with each application BECAUSE CATS do NOT LIKE the SOUND of "sprays" and they're very difficult to keep still enough to get the application done! (at least, MY cats are!!) (sigh) =",,TINKER,SLINKY,,,,,,0,0,0,0,0,0,5,1,0,,,,,Cat,,,,,,BV_PRR_REVIEW_THANKYOU,en_US,,0528,
65434498,2014/09/25 09:44:41"
By nikkita
November 30, 2013
amazing product!
love this product works very well and it's a pleasant aroma ! it works great for my pets all of them i have 4 dogs! thanks for this wonderful product.
By squeezes3
Tucson, AZ
September 12, 2013
My cat doesn't even hate me!
Green Pet Fleaze-Off worked to keep mosquitos away from my cat (he's allergic) AND he doesn't even hate me, which really surprises me.
I'm happy I tried it.

(He's the one on the left.)
By Jen
May 16, 2013
doens't work- found fleas after use instead
after switched to Fleeze Off, a week later, I found a flea on my dog, and he was scratching more. I even spread on my own legs when walk the dog, and I got mosquito bits too, which i don't usually get bitten by bugs. This thing attracts bugs rather than buzz them off. Confused.
So immediately ordered Frontline, in addition PetArmor as well.
February 22, 2011
Review for Green Pet Fleaze-Off Insect Spray (8 oz)
Love this product! I took my beagles into a flea infested forest for a hike. I sprayed this on (I really sprayed it on thick) and I was able to see the ticks around the top of their fur and pick them off. My dogs came away from two days in the forest with no ticks and no tick infestation!!! Not one single tick was found embedded in their skin. Apparently they just wouldn't burrow past the top layer of fur. I did however dowse the dogs in the spray. Found it works best to spray it onto the towlette and rub all over their body because it makes better use of it and keeps it from their eyes and nose. And the best part no pesticides no harsh chemicals!

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