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  6. Floyd Flyer - See Spot Run (LARGE 9.5" W)

Floyd Flyer - See Spot Run (LARGE 9.5" W)

Item: FLS-1011
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Floyd is one of Otis and Claude’s innovative fetch toys that your dog will absolutely love. Brilliantly designed with durable nylon and rubber, Floyd is extremely flexible and can bent every which way without breaking or tearing. Despite its flexibility, this toy retains its shape brilliantly to ensure it will always have the flat triangle design that makes it easy to throw long distances.

The Floyd fling fetch toy also has a tiny loop at the top, so you can hang it up for easy storage. Floyd toys come in three crazy color designs including See Spot Run, Barking Arctic, and Chow Bella. Each design comes in two sizes: The larger size is 9.5 inches wide and the smaller size is 6.5 inches wide.

Key Features:
  • Extremely flexible
  • Comes in three awesome designs
  • Available in two sizes: 6.5” W and 9.5” W
  • Easy to throw
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    Floyd Flyer - Barking Arctic (SMALL 6.5" W)Floyd Flyer - Barking Arctic (SMALL 6.5" W)Reg price: $10.99
    Sale price: $7.99
    Floyd Flyer - Barking Arctic (LARGE 9.5" W)Floyd Flyer - Barking Arctic (LARGE 9.5" W)Reg price: $14.99
    Sale price: $10.99
    Floyd Flyer - Chow Bella  (LARGE 9.5"W)Floyd Flyer - Chow Bella (LARGE 9.5"W)Reg price: $14.99
    Sale price: $10.99
    Floyd - See Spot Run (SMALL 6.5" W)Floyd - See Spot Run (SMALL 6.5" W)Reg price: $5.99
    Sale price: $3.99
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