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Fluker's Ceramic Reptile Heat Emitter 100W

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Fluker's Mini Sun Dome Lighting Fixture is the perfect solution for keeping your cold-blooded friend comfortable and healthy, reducing risk of digestive problems or infection caused by inadequate heat. This large, circular emitter directs heat to increase the basking area without light. It's a great way to supplement the overhead heat in your reptile or amphibian's terrarium.

Key Features:

  • Reptiles are ectotherms or "cold-blooded" animals who depend on he surrounding environmental temperature to regulate their own body temperature. If the environmental temperature in your terrarium is inadequate, your pet may be susceptible to digestive problems or infections.
  • Large circular emitter directs heat to increase basking area
  • Non-light emitting element provides heat without bright, blinding light
  • Supplements overhead heating
  • Great for reptiles and amphibians

Useful Information

Screw heat emitter into Flukers Repta-Lamp. Clamp lamp at one end of the enclosure (basking area) and plug in. Do not place heat emitter over glass or plexiglass. Do not allow reptile to contact the heat emitter. Turn emitter on and allow to heat for 30. Measure the floor temperature of the enclosure under the heat emitter to determine that it is appropriate for your pet.

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