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Fluker's Red Heat Bulb 60-watt

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Fluker's Night Time Red Reptile Basking Light lets you watch your pet during night hours, without disturbing its natural nocturnal behaviors. These long-life bulbs last up to 3,500 hours and emit ambient radiation to maintain a healthy, stimulating habitat for your reptile.

Key Features:

  • Best used for its low light heat and nocturnal viewing abilities.
  • With a 3,500 hour lifespan, you'll get a ton of use out of this light.
  • 60 watts of power means your pet will have just the right amount of exposure.
  • Conveniently allows you to view any nocturnal activities.
  • Meant for use with reptiles and amphibians.

Radiant heat is critical for providing reptiles with a healthy habitat. If a reptile is not provided with appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR), it cannot regulate its core body temperature and may be more prone to chronic infections. Ideal ETR varies from species to species; consult your pet professional for lighting recommendations for your pet. Fluker's Red Heat Incandescent Bulbs provide moderate heat combined with low light, perfect for observing nocturnal reptiles.

Useful Information

Gently fasten the Fluker's incandescent bulb into a Fluker's Clamp Lamp or Hood or any UL approved incandescent fixture. Do not plug light fixture into an electrical socket until bulb is fastened firmly to fixture. Place light fixture outside for reptile's enclosure. NEVER place the light fixture inside the enclosure. Reptiles can develop life-threatening thermal burns from contact with an exposed light bulb.

Note: Multiple incandescent lights may be required to establish an appropriate ETR. A Fluker's thermometer can be used to monitor temperature within the reptile's environment. Reptile behavior is directly tied to photoperiod (light cycle), so it is important to provide appropriate intervals of light and darkness. Fluker's recommends a 12-hour day/12-hour night light cycle. A Fluker's Daytime bulb should be used during the daytime cycle.

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