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Pet Food & Treats

When you welcome an animal into your home, you make a understood vow to your pet that you will provide for their every need. While wild animals can exist and flourish without any human interference, domesticated animals, and especially dogs, are literally bred to rely on humans for their wellbeing. The majestic wolf pack can take down an entire elk, but your pair of pugs is meant more for the kibble life than the killing life. EntirelyPets wide stock of pet food and treats gives you plenty of options to serve your faithful companion.

It's a regular smorgasbord at EntirelyPets! We have some of the top brands in both dog and cat foods - dry, wet and even freeze-dried. (Freeze-drying is typically used for raw food diets to prevent spoilage and allows it to be stored at room temperature. Water is added to the food to rehydrate it for consumption.) We have food for puppies, seniors and every pooch in between, not to mention a purrfect range of foodstuffs for felines as well. Check out species-specific, condition-specific and diet-specific foods to even further tailor your cat or dog's dinner choices.

But life isn't just a about healthy food! Dog treats and chew toys are a delightful indulgence or reward for positive behavior. Functional treats help control your cat's hairballs, while catnip goodies let them go wild. Our wide-ranging selection has something for even the pickiest of snackers, including dental chews that clean their teeth without all the toothbrush drama.

Don't forget the youngsters! EntirelyPets also has a stock of milk replacers for both puppies and kittens. Sometimes, these little fur babies are orphaned or rejected, or need supplemental nutrition.

Consult your veterinarian with any questions relating to your pet's health. If your pet experiences any sort of sensitive reaction from something they ate, remove the food item immediately and follow up with your vet.