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Forked Sand Covered Perch - Large (1.5"x12")

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A&E Cage Company Forked Sand Covered Perch will feel natural and comforting on your bird's feet. It makes a great accessory to your bird's home and will provide a safe place for your bird to rest and relax. These perches are best kept in an area of the cage where your bird spends several hours each day to reduce or potentially eliminate the need for cutting your pet's nails. Bird Safe! Only FDA approved adhesives were used.

Key Benefits:

  • These strong, durable and naturally forked perches are made out of responsibly harvested Java Wood with a sand-coated perching surface
  • The coarse finishing helps keep birds nails / claws trimmed and filed naturally; and allows birds to amplify and express their natural beakery.
  • The metal attachment makes it possible for these practical perches to be easily attached to the inside or on the outside of any cage (for additional perching options)
  • Shape and Colors VARY! Only includes ONE forked perch.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 1.5" x 12"

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