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Frontline Plus for Dogs Reviews

Fleas and ticks can be a serious nuisance to dogs and their owners.
In addition to causing serious discomfort, these pests can also transfer intestinal parasites and dangerous diseases to your pooch. With the exorbitant cost of testing for parasites and eliminating infestations, many pet owners opt to use a preventive for their pooch year-round.

With the abundance of flea and tick medications available for dogs, it's important to make sure that you select the best treatment for your pet. Of the wide selection of treatments available, only one topical effectively eliminates and prevents infestations on dogs for up to 30 days with a formulation that is also safe for cohabiting cats.

Frontline Plus for Dogs uses a combination of fipronil and s-methoprene to kill unwanted pests and to prevent future infestations from plaguing your pet. While scientific studies confirm the efficacy of these ingredients, pet owners searching for the best can never be too thorough. To help assuage your concerns, we've put together this list of reviews from real customers.

When it comes to small dogs, sometimes flea and tick solutions need a light touch. Tuffy and her mom know that the right treatment is tough on parasites- not dogs.

“My dog Tuffy has long white hair and gets a summer haircut. Frontline plus works all year long and keeps him flea and tick free.This product works for us. I suggest you never miss a 30 day application. I have tried other brands of preventive applications, those were too strong and caused him to vomit and made him lethargic.He got a tick and had Lyme disease while on the "other" product. . Follow the instructions and drop only in one spot on the skin between the shoulder blades don't rub in and don't spread around! Happy summer to all the pups.”

Tuffy's case goes to show that the unique ingredients of Frontline Plus are both effective and sensitive- but larger dogs need tough protection. If you're wondering how Frontline fairs with larger canines, just ask Barb how hiking with her hounds has helped build her confidence in this potent preventive.

“I've had our 2 large dogs on Frontline Plus for many years and have never had any issues with reactions. I hike with them in remote places, so periodically I will see a tick walking on their head or back, but not adhering to their skin. I try to scan them both before letting them in the van, just to brush off any ticks if I see them. I put Frontline Plus on all 4 dogs (even the 2 little ones even though they don't hike with us) every month because it works and I love them!”

Large and small dogs alike are well-protected with this powerful preventive. Even a thick coat and an active outdoor lifestyle can't compromise the exceptional efficacy of Frontline!

“Frontline Plus for small dogs (under 22 lbs) keeps away all fleas and ticks, especially when you have dogs that LOVE the outdoors. whether running through the grass or on the beach, this product works GREAT even on long haired dogs with dense undercoats like my Pomeranians! use once a month and keep your dogs happy and yourself worry-free!”

There you have it: a safe and effective solution for small and large dogs alike. So where's the best place to find this fantastic product at an affordable price? Just ask Nay and her pets!

“I have used Frontline flea and tick for many years on my cats and dogs. It is an excellent product, My pets have never had any physical problems due to the use of Frontline. My pets have never had flea infestation or tick problems since using it! Entirely Pets pricing is very competitive. thank you Entirelypets!!”

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You've just read about how effective this product can be for dogs, but did you know that it's also available in an equally effective formula for cats? Try out these incredible preventives by purchasing a pack for your pet today!