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Garden Safety for Cats and Dogs

Most dogs adore warmer weather, seeing it is a great time to play and run around in the sun. There are many steps you can take to ensure your dogís spring and summer are fulfilling and that your pets stay healthy. Letís take a look at some of the best ways to keep your pet safe when enjoying warmer weather.

1. Donít Forget About The Dangers Of The Sun
Itís vital to remember that sunburn can be just as harmful to dogs as it can be to humans. Too much sun can give dogs skin cancer, and some dogs are particularly at risk. These include light-coloured, white-furred, short-haired and hairless dogs. Red or raw areas can be treated with aloe vera. If symptoms persist, ask your vet to take a look at your dog. Ensure that your dog has access to the shade whenever they need it when the weather is at its best.

2. Be Aware Of Lungworm
Itís also important not to underestimate the dangers of lungworm. Lungworm can infect your dog after snails and slugs are ingested. Firstly you can reduce the risk of this my removing all snails and slugs you see in and around you garden or alternatively you could look at investing in artificial grass. By using fake grass you will massively reduce the number of snails and slugs in your garden and reduce the risk to your pets. There are plenty of synthetic grass companies like Forever Green Lawns who make pet-friendly artificial grass.

3. The Dangers Of Dehydration
Find out which plants pose a significant risk to your dog. There are many Ďtoxic plantí lists online that will tell you what you may need to avoid. If you donít want to get rid of any of these plants, you should consider making the area in question inaccessible to your dog and you can find a list of toxic plants here.

Keeping your dog hydrated is also essential. Hydration is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, so always make sure access to water is available. Ensure the bowl is always topped up and take water with you when you go out with your dog. Grooming is also important. Long, unkempt hair can make your dog uncomfortable in the sun and can lead to accidents. Brushing will help heighten your dogís comfort levels. As dogs do tend to go walkabouts, particularly in the summer months, make sure you invest in a tag with your contact details engraved into it.

4. Keeping Your Dog Cool
Other popular purchases that will help your dog have fun in warmer weather include pet kits. Pet kits usually contain treats, food, bowls and toys and ensure that your dog has access to everything he or she needs at home and away. Another way to keep your dog comfortable is to invest in a chilled gel pack. These are placed under the collar and help keep their temperature down, as can special jackets also designed for this purpose.

5. Give Them A Spring And Summer To Remember
If you are taking your dog somewhere new, donít let them off the leash unless you feel fully confident about doing so. Remember that sudden bursts of activity can lead to pains and strains, so itís wise to ensure your dog gets enough exercise every day. Following a few simple steps will help you make sure your dog thoroughly enjoys the warmer weather. Dogs love the springtime and summertime, so itís always worth making a few investments to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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