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Popular Outdoor Activities for Pets

Pets love to have outdoor fun, and it's the perfect time of year to get some exciting exercise with your best pal! Take your dog or cat outside to get some fresh air and bond with them over new adventures. There are countless outdoor activities that you and your pet can do, so why not check out some of our products that are sure to maximize your pet's experiences?

1. Walking:
Get your dog or cat out of the house and stretch those legs. Going on a short stroll helps relieve your pet's stress and lets them relax and is good for you too! If you pet likes to pull and it makes walking unpleasant, try using a “no-pull harness” to keep your dog walking gently by your side. Be sure bring along biodegradable doggy bags to pick up any mess! If you and your dog decide to take a longer walk, a portable water dish is also a fantastic item to bring on your stroll.

2. Camping
There's no better way to let your pet explore nature than to bring them out to the wilderness. They will love all the different sights, sounds, and smells! One of the best parts about camping, is it is totally pet friendly! Almost anything the family decides to do, whether it be swimming, hiking, or relaxing by the campfire - your pet can come along! Bringing portable food and water dishes will save room when packing and don’t forget to bring bathing wipes in case your pet finds something fun and muddy to get into! It’s also a great idea to bring bug repellant for you dog, humans aren’t the only ones that don’t want bugs biting them!

3. Water Sports
Many dogs love swimming in a pool, lake, river, or the beach! Splashing in the water will bring many pets hours of fun, especially when the weather is warm! Be sure to keep pets safe from currents if traveling to the beach or a river. Some dogs may benefit from a life vest too! Water activities are fun for pets and owners. Whether you choose to swim with your pet or play a game of water fetch - we are sure you will have loads of fun with your pooch.

4. Hiking
Exploring a trail with your dog or cat is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Be sure you have everything you need to make your friend safe and comfortable. Starting out on an easy hike with a gentle incline is a good idea for pets that have not been getting out during the winter months. Building up endurance is great exercise for you and your pet. Remember to pack water for both!

5. Dog Parks
There's no better place for your pal to have fun outside than a park designed for dogs! There's no limit on what your dog can do with all the open space, and there will be plenty of friends to play with! Always keep an eye on your dog when at the dog park. Be on the lookout for aggressive dogs or owners that aren’t paying attention. Be sure to bring a toy that your pet is not possessive over, so he will be happy to share if someone comes by and picks it up!

6. Fetching
The great pastime of tossing a ball to your dog is always a sure hit. This tried and true outdoor activity teaches your dog to be obedient and is great exercise. Finding an enclosed area where your pet can safely run and chase off leash is a great first step to fetch. Backyards are a good start, but once your dog learns to retrieve the toy - a large field will allow you to throw the toy even farther.

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Popular Outdoor Activities for Pets