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Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Who is Hamilton the Hipster Cat?

This dashing young cat is famous for sporting a curly "hipster" mustache. Being a rescue, Hamilton has been an advocate for adoption of animals and worked with the Humane Society to help other cats in need.

Hamilton first came into the public eye on Instagram, where photos of the mustached cat quickly spread. He went on to form a Facebook, Youtube and Twitter account where his popularity continued to grow.

Claim to Fame

Hamilton is known for his unique coloration, specifically his signature "hipster" mustache. This curly 'stache has inspired his hipster persona and has even prompted some fans to create captions for his pictures that relate to hipster culture.

Hamilton is also known for being a humanitarian. As a rescue kitten, Hamilton remains grateful for the shelter that helped him find his new home. Recently, the Humane Society tweeted that Hamilton had "hit it big and paid it forward" alongside a thank you message for the donation of 100,000 cans of cat food.

How Famous is He?

Hamilton has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram and has been featured in articles on Buzzfeed and the news publication Daily Mail.