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  4. Hannah-Hannah Bo-Banna (8/10/09)

Hannah-Hannah Bo-Banna (8/10/09)

Name: Hannah-Hannah Bo-Banna
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Submitted by: Nan S.
Location: East Hampstead, NH

Hannah-Bo her days making others happy. Hannah-Hannah Bo-Nana is a rescue shelter dog that we rescued in 1997. We believe in supporting shelters as best as we can. She is a joyful, loving, pet therapy dog that visit nursing homes to cheer up Alzheimers patients.

Hannah-Hannah Bo-Bana's favorite treats that we get from Entirely Pets are the Z Ridge Dental Chew Medium Bones Carrot. Hannah-Bo also loves to play with Nobbly Wobbly and the Crazy Pet Bumble Ball. One of her favorite activities is playing hide and seek...with her sister Ananda Shekinah! We have been truly blessed to have Hannah-Bo and Shekinah in our lives.

Z Ridge Dental Chews Crazy Bumble Ball Nobbly Wobbly


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