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Halloween Fun And Safety Tips

Halloween Fun & Safety
  Halloween Fun And Safety Tips for your pet. Halloween can be a fun and exciting time. This can make it easy to forget about what our pets may be feeling. Fear, anxiety and household dangers can all pose as threats to our pets during Halloween. Below are some helpful tips to keep your pet safe and happy.  
Safety Tips
PumkinKeep candy, especially chocolate, away from your pets. The wrappers, such as tin foil, can also get stuck in your pet's digestive tract, making them sick. There's plenty of healthy treats you can give your pet on Halloween. Try Halloween Munchies or Kitty Kaviar. For more choices, visit the Halloween Shop.

PumkinDon't dress your pet in a costume unless you know they love it. Otherwise, it will put a lot of stress on your pet. Be sure costumes are safe and will not choke your pet. Also, make sure your pet has a clear view and that their nose and whiskers are not covered.

PumkinYour dog or cat can also be a hazard to itself. If your house has a lot of decorations, your dog may knock them over with a wag of the tail and burn himself. Your cat can become tangled up in decorative lights and choke. Be sure that your decorations are not pet accessible.

PumkinKeep your pets inside and away from large groups of people. Pets can become easily frightened, especially with the loud noises and costumes. Pets (especially black cats) can also easily become victims of trick-or-treaters if left outside and unattended.

PumkinWhen you open the door for trick-or-treaters, be very careful your dog or cat does not dart outside. It may help to keep them in a separate room and provide a chew toy or a toy stuffed with treats, like a KONG which may help reduce stress. You may also want to crate your dog or try HomeoPet Anxiety
             TranQuil Tabs or Bach Rescue Remedy to promote a sense of calm.

PumkinIf you have to take your dog with you outside, make sure you use a short leash for the most control, and that your pet is highly visible at all times. Also make sure your pet doesn't stop to eat anything off of the ground.

PumkinMake sure pets are wearing current Pet ID Tags. Many pets get spooked and escape. Unfortunately they end up in shelters without identification.

PumkinMake your own treat bags. Have fun by creating a treat bag for your pets. This way your pet is getting safe, healthy foods.

Safety Tips
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Halloween Munchies Costumes Pumpkin Headband

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