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Performance & High Calorie

Just like some people are high-performing humans, some animals are high-performing pets. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some pets may be chronically ill, in the process of healing or constantly lethargic. EntirelyPets carries products that can help your pets both get ahead of the game, or simply in the game.

Electrolyte powders and gels are great for your pet if you find yourselves in stressful or highly active situations. They keep your pet hydrated, reducing oxidative stress in the muscles and replenishing any minerals of fluids that may have been secreted after or during periods of activity or stress. They also help maintain fluid balances in the blood and tissues. Have some on hand for illness emergencies (just think of it like mama's chicken soup) or take some on the trail with you and your furry explorer.

For your high-performing animals who are out protecting the city at night from evil forces (or so they think) supplements can be a great source of energy and nutritional support that help boost energy, stimulate muscle growth, increase heat tolerance and decrease recovery time. Working dogs and canine athletes can perform their tasks more efficiently, and will feel less physical soreness and weariness after a hard workout.

High calorie and performance supplements aren't just for the super dogs and crime fighting cats. Often, sick or senior animals can benefit from the easy, palatable supplements. Other domesticated lap mammals that have trouble keeping weight on due to illness can get a leg up with certain supplements, while convalescing critters can find necessary the nutritional support they need to get well. Taking care of weak, sickly pets can be disheartening, but a little bit of love and a couple of supplements can go a long way toward lifting the spirits of both you and your pet.

As always, before purchasing any kind of nutritional supplement, consult with your pet's veterinarian first to learn about any contraindications or side effects.