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Hipster Dog

Who is Hipster Dog?

Hipster Dog is the dog that is too cool for your outdated sense of fashion and art. Originally posted as a simple picture of Bichon Frise dressed in a scarf and glasses, this dog's hipster sense of style was soon met with equally hip jokes.

Hipster dog soon flooded the internet with images of the stylish dog captioned with silly phrases that might be spoken by a pretentious dog. Today, Hipster Dog has been featured on Buzzfeed and countless image boards and threads.

Claim to Fame:

In addition to looking adorable with people clothes on, this dog is known for the "hip" phrases used to caption his photo. These phrases often refer to art that is removed from popular culture and other things associated with hipsters- but they also feature an aspect of being a dog.

How Famous is He?

Hipster dog has had his image spread around the net, but the true identity of this pooch remains a mystery. Hipster Dog's owner has yet to reveal his real name and it appears that his following is decentralized among various social sharing sites.