Equine Hoof Guard (10 lbs)
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Equine Hoof Guard (10 lbs)

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Equine Nutrition
Hoof and Hair Guard

• Soy Oils

• Biotin

• Methionine

• Zinc

Hoof and Hair Guard

Hoof and Hair Guard is powerful hoof and hair supplement that contains 100 mg of Biotin per dose as well as mega-doses of Methionine, Zine, Lysine, Glysine, Cystine and Phenylalanine.

As a Hoof Supplement

Formulated to help horses with severe hoof ailments, Equine Veterinarians often prescribe Hoof and Hair Guard for their toughest cases.

As a Hair Conditioner

Whether assisting horses in shedding out their winter coats, growing long and fullmanes and tails Hoof and Hair Guard helps horses to look their absolute best.

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