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How Much Do Pet Owners Spend in the UK? [Infographic]

Is buying your dog a bone simply not enough anymore? Our findings show that in Britain almost 90% of pet-owners spend up to $75 on extravagant gifts for their beloved little friends! Whether it is to shower your pet with affection or to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, these animal-lovers are certainly splashing their cash more than ever before. If you haven’t already made an appointment at the pet spa then you had better get a move on, as 27% of people admit to having already treated their pets to a specialist treatment.

In this infographic, Capital One has revealed some of the most elaborate gifts that have been purchased for pets in the UK. The majority of people wouldn’t buy themselves a treadmill, but our results show that some would generously spend up to $2150 on one to ensure that their dog remains happy and healthy! Perhaps this isn’t for you, and you’d prefer to stick to a classic walk in the park. Fear not, there are many alternative routes to treat your pet. With pet fashion on the rise, people only want the best for their pooches. Some are even spending up to $925 on fur coats for their furry pets!

With more than 13,000 households in the UK now owning a pet, it is more than likely that you or someone you know will be able to relate to our results. So take a look! Do you think pet pampering is going a step too far?

How Much Do Pet Owners Spend in the UK? [Infographic]

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