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Top Hybrid Dogs

Hybrid Dog?? What the heck is a hybrid dog you ask?? No it's not an electric dog. It's a cross between two purebred dogs. Hybrid dogs, or "designer dogs" as some call them, are becoming quite popular. Below is a list of the most popular hybrid dogs that people are going heads over heels for.
Pomeranian and Poodle
Pomapoo's are relatively small in size, weighing
up to 10-15 pounds. They are playful dogs, easy to
housebreak, very social and energetic. They are known
to bark incessantly, which makes them great
watchdogs. Obedience training is recommended.

Pug & Beagle
With short legs, curled tail, smooth coat and a deeply
wrinkled forehead the Puggle is too hard to turn down. With a
sweet-temper, social, very energetic, intelligent and playful. The
Puggle grows to be between fifteen and thirty pounds. While they
are relatively easy to train, be sure to stock up on potty
training supplies because they can be difficult to
potty train.

Boston Terrier & Pug
The Bugg is known for their good temperament, playful
nature, energy and intelligence. This particular breed is sensitive
to extreme heat and cold leading to overheating or chilling
easily. Watch out! Bugs can be chow hounds and are
said to eat anything anytime, so don't over feed.

Jack Russell Terrier & Poodle
The Jack Russell grows between 15-25 pounds. Jack
Russells are known for their exceptional intelligence, extreme
high-energy and need for constant stimulation. Jack Russells also
shed a lot, while Poodles are a low-shed breed whose coat is
nearly hypoallergenic. The Jack-A-Poo can make a smart pet, choc-full of personality.

              Labrador & Poodle
This is family pet is friendly, sociable, non-aggressive
and exceptionally intuitive, this crossbreed offers all of the
characteristics of the perfect companion. They are highly-intelligent
and trainable. Often they are used as guide dogs, therapy
pets and other assistance dogs. Their hypoallergenic
coat are excellent for those who have allergies.

Yorkshire Terrier & Shih Tzu
The Shorkie is social, sweet-tempered and playful.
Intelligent and relatively easy to train, the Shorkie is an affectionate,
 friendly and a small dog, weighing between seven and sixteen
  pounds. Well-mannered and a relatively
   low-maintenance dog.

Labrador Retriever & Mastiff
The Mastador make terrific family dogs if they are
familiar to family members. It's recommended that they have a
larger living space, since they are so big and have a tendency
to knock things over when excited. Mastadors love to
play, but can be destructive if left home alone often.

More Hybrid Dogs
Golden Doodle
(Golden Retriever & Poodle)
golden Doodlge

(Beagle & Spaniel)
(Cocker Spaniel & Poodle)


Bull Boxer
(Boxer &Bull Terrier)