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K-10+ Omega 3

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One box contains 28 individual packets, providing one month’s supply depending on the dog’s size. It is a water-soluble formula, combination of essential vitamins and fatty acids.

K-10+ Omega-3 supports hair follicle strength, skin comfort, normal shedding, proper skin tone and hydration. Designed specifically to:

Maintain shiny coat and healthy skin Support proper growth and development Help reduce shedding

Open the pack and pour it in your dog’s bowl, a minor color shift will let you know when the vitamins are active in the water. Depending on your dog’s weight, the following dose is recommended:

Up to 10 lbs: Give 1/2 packet per every 12 oz. of water 11 to 50 lbs: Give 1 packet per every 12 oz. of water Over 50 lbs: Give 2 packets per every 12 oz. of water

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