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K9 Advantix

K9 advantix



K9 Advantix

K9 Advantix for dogs protects against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. K9 Advantix continues to protect your canine after swimming or bathing. It's once-a-month application is easy and convenient. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can carry West Nile Virus and other dog disease. K9 Advantix Blue, Red, Green, and Teal covers all dogs from 10 Ibs to over 55 Ibs. Order K9 Advantix today and save!

K9 Advantix Green is a once-a-month topical tick, mosquito and flea treatment for dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older. It contains imidacloprid and permethrin. It also remains effective after swimming or bathing. This is the ultimate protection for your dog! Each packet contains 4 applications providing 4 months of protection.

  • Guaranteed US EPA approved.
  • Each package of K9 Advantix for Dogs lasts 4 to 6 months.
  • Kills 98%-100% of fleas within 12 hours - helpful in dogs with Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • Repels and kills mosquitos, carriers of dangerous West Nile Virus.
  • Water-resistant, easy to apply formula stays on in baths or in the rain.
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