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Effitix for Dogs

Effitix is a monthly topical treatment that will protect your dog safe from pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and mites. Don't settle for just the elimination of pesky biting bugs; make sure you repel them too! Keeping pests away from your canine is the best way to stay safe and itch-free! The unique formula of Effitix combines fipronil and permethrin to both kill and repel fleas.

Fipronil is a neurotoxin that targets the insects’ nervous systems to cause paralysis, rigidity, and eventually death. Once applied, this substance spreads all over your pet’s skin to kill every flea no matter how well they’re hidden within the fur. This topical treatment kills adult pests on contact before they get a chance to bite your pet, giving your best friend additional protection from transmitted infections such as Lyme disease and flea allergy dermatitis.

You may be familiar with permethrin already. This medication is also prescribed to humans to treat scabies and head lice. If you’ve ever suffered from the hands of any of those pests, then you’ve likely been prescribed permethrin. It is also used for public health mosquito control in areas that are in danger of mosquito infestations. How does it work? Permethrin also attacks the insects’ nervous system similarly as fipronil does. It paralyzes them and them leads them to their demise. Since fipronil works to kill fleas and ticks, permethrin includes the added effort to kill mites and lice as well as mosquitoes and other biting flies while repelling them!

This fast-acting formula takes action within 10 minutes of application to kill and repel pests to keep your furry friend protected for up to 30 days. Don’t be forced to leave your pet at home; take them with you on your next outdoor adventure without having to worry about itching bug bites, parasitic transmitted diseases and infestations when you return home.

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