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  4. Kona (3/8/10)

Kona (3/8/10)

Name: Kona
Breed: Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix
Submitted by: Lin-Z B.
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Kona loves being with me and hates being separated. I think he knows that i rescued him and saved him from death row at the pound. So now he is forever mine and is fixated on me no matter what. I socialize him with people and other dogs and all he does is stare at me. He absolutely loves to cuddle and be under the covers in bed. Kona's favorite trick has being potty training so his favorite trick right now is to potty on his wee wee pad so he gets a treat.

Kona is unique because of the way we love each other. It's almost like he picked me that day at the shelter. I picked him up from the shelter's vet from getting neutered and held him on the hour+ car ride home, where he just sat in my arms. Then when we got home, Kona and I bonded instantly, words cannot describe it. We were just meant for one another. He was supposed to be a foster dog, but he is meant to be with me and brings me so much joy just seeing how excited he gets when he see's me. I work at a doggy daycare and overnight facility and he has managed to escape all yards just to be near me. He is relentless and will do anything to get out of where he is to be near me. He scaled a 4 foot fence, he jumped over a 4 foot wooden board countless times, he wiggles in between chain link fences and wiggles between doors - the only way to confine him is to have him in a crate. He is an escape artist to say the least. I grew up with dobermans and german shepherds and have a great passion for animals, however, i have to say this little guy, Kona brings a totally new dynamic to my life. He likes my 10 year old cat (Vixen) too, so that is a bonus!!

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