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  6. Laxatone for Cats (4.25 oz) by Vetoquinol

Laxatone for Cats (4.25 oz) by Vetoquinol

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Laxatone for Cats

is an effective laxative and hair ball remedy for cats.

Hairballs are a natural product of your cat's grooming habits. Your cat has tiny hook-like features on its tongue to help it groom itself. When shedding, a larger than normal amount of hair may be collected by these hook-like features and ingested. This can be a particular problem with long-haired breeds. Watching your cat cough up a hairball can be a disturbing, and messy experience. Laxatone for Cats can help your cat pass the hair that collects in the stomach from self-grooming through their intestinal tract. This can help eliminate the vomiting and retching associated with hair ball elimination.

Laxatone for Cats can also provide relief if your cat is experiencing symptoms of constipation. These symptoms may include sluggishness, limited or no production of feces, and perhaps even vomiting when attempting to defecate. Not only can Laxatone provide a safe, gentle and easy to use solution for constipation, but when used regularly, it can serve as a constipation preventative.

Minimize the discomfort of hairballs and constipation for your cat by keeping a tube of Laxatone for Cats available in your home.


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