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SAMe for You SAMe for Your Pet

Often times, we at EntirelyPets discuss the importance of guarding your pet's health. This time around, we're going to cover the health of your pet as well as yourself - particularly with the benefits of SAMe.

What is SAMe? What are its benefits?

As a refresher to your memory, SAMe (s-adenosyl-methionine) is an antidepressant commonly used by humans that has other health benefits. Here, we have a breakdown of what SAMe can do for humans as well as pets.

Humans Pets
• Decrease symptoms of depression by increasing availability of neurotransmitter serotonin and dopamine.
• Decrease pain of osteoarthritis as effectively as NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication).
• Decrease symptoms of liver disease by normalizing liver enzyme levels and help with cholestasis.
• Common side effects include digestive complaints (nausea), skin rashes and lowered blood sugar. It is recommended to consult your physician prior to use.
• Promote Glutathione, a natural antioxidant that helps regenerate liver cells, aiding liver health and function.
• Helps the liver break down toxins and free radicals.
• Produces feel-good neurotransmitters that improve moods.
• Reduces pain, stiffness, and inflammation derived from joint problems and arthritis.
• Has no known side effects.

Signs Your Pet May Need SAMe

As with all health problems, early notice and prevention is the key to minimizing the symptoms. Although difficult, you can look for these warning signs of possible liver problems.

  • Eating pattern changes: your pet may lose his or her appetite or begin vomiting; diarrhea and fatigue may also occur.
  • High rate of enzymes: regular blood tests can show unusually high levels of liver enzymes indicating signs of liver problems.
  • Abnormal blood-clotting tests: if you think your pet ingested poison (Arsenic in rat poison and anti-freeze), canine poisoning prevents normal blood-clotting.

Other Ways to Keep Your Pet's Liver Healthy

Your pet's liver health reflects how well you keep up with their overall health. Here are a few major areas to consider in keeping your pet happy and healthy.

  • Veterinarian visits: nothing is more important than bringing your pet to see a vet regularly.
  • Diet: having a balanced and well-nourished diet not only keeps the liver healthy, it makes your pet feel energetic and happy.
  • Nutritional supplements: the food you feed your pet doesn't always carry the nutrients and vitamins your pet needs. Supplements can help your pet's organs function well; results can show through the coat and skin of your pet.
  • Exercise: taking your pet out for activities keeps them entertained, maintains their strength and agility, and gives you time to bond with your best friend.

Recommended Products

S Adenosyl (SAMe) Denestra
Denosyl Marin

Visit our Liver Support Supplements page for our full selection of liver supplement products for pets.

To learn more about pet liver health, read about The Dangers of Sugar Substitutes and Alfatoxin in Pet Food. Visit our Pet Resource Center for a full range of pet health topics.

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SAMe for You SAMe for your pet