S-Adenosyl (SAMe)

S-Adenosyl, aka (SAMe) is a special dietary supplement used to improve the metabolic activity of your cat or dog's live, and restore proper live function. SAMe for dogs and cats includes antioxidants (which neutralize free radicals) amino acids, B-vitamis to provide nutritional support and ensuring the proper metabolism of protein, vitamin B-6 for cysteine synthesis and liver detox. What makes S-Adenosyl unique is the unique, enteric-coated delivery system that allows it to stand up to stomach acid and deliver the S-Adenosylemethionine 1,4 butanedisulfonate to the small intestine where it will be properly absorbed and help reduce the damage caused by some prescription drug use. Comes in a variety of formulations, based on the size of your dog. Also comes in SNAP tablet form. Generic for Denosyl SD4.
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