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  4. Mack (7/26/10)

Mack (7/26/10)

Name: Mack
Breed: English Bulldog
Submitted by: Maria G.
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Mack's family contacted bulldog rescue on Christmas Eve 2008. They wanted to give Mack up as soon as possible, explaining, "The kids don't seem to want him any more." The adults complained that Mack chewed up remote controls and dress shoes. He also shed too much, and his nails were scratching the newly-refinished hardwood floors. They turned Mack over to rescue with all his worldly possessions: a poorly-fitting leather collar, a leash, and a bottle of diarrhea medicine. He had no bed and no toys. I took Mack home for fostering and began screening potential homes for him. He was so afraid of men that my husband wasn't able to pet him for two weeks. As Mack settled in and relaxed, it became clear that he wasn't going anywhere....he was staying with us. He went from having no bed to having two dog beds, three sofas and a queen-size bed (with carpeted steps for easy access) at his disposal. He doesn't chew much at all, but his favorites are deer antlers, Nylabone keys, and marrow bones. Our 70-pound boy loves to climb into someone's lap after breakfast or dinner. Whenever he hears the magic word R-I-D-E, he wiggles his entire behind--we call his booty-shake "The Mac-arena." Our proudest moment came in April 2010, when Mack passed the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International tests on the first try. Mack has a knack for making everyone smile. He will never again be unloved and unwanted.

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