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What Ingredients Are Used in Marin for Dogs?

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It detoxifies the body, stores essential nutrients, metabolizes certain compounds, destroys other blood cells, and a myriad of other crucial functions that the body needs to survive. This is why maintaining liver health is crucial to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

There are many ways to keep your petís liver in top shape, including a specialized diet and a wide variety of supplements. One supplement that works particularly well to promote liver health is Marin. Marin is available for both dogs and cats, but both formulas utilize the same two central ingredients to improve liver health. The main difference is in the concentration of the ingredients and the inclusion of one additional ingredient in Marin for Dogs.

The liver takes damage from hydrophobic bile salts that build up whenever the flow of bile is disrupted. This means that it is imperative that the liverís bile pathways remain unobstructed. The two active ingredients in both Marin for Dogs and Marin for Cats are Silybin and Vitamin E. These ingredients work synergistically to protect the liver by ensuring that bile flows freely and that the liver functions properly.

What Do the Ingredients Do?

Silybin is a hepato-protector that works to support the flow of bile and increase glutathione levels. As previously stated, by ensuring that the flow of bile is unobstructed, Silybin prevents the build-up of bile salts- thereby protecting the liver. Additionally, Silybin promotes protein synthesis in hepatocytes, which can promote liver regeneration. Lastly, it also inhibits the production of leukotriene, which reduces inflammation.

Vitamin E reduces oxidative damage done to the liver and promotes additional functions. Vitamin E works as an antioxidant to reverse damage done to liver cells. It accomplishes this similarly to Silybin, by protecting hepatocytes and reversing the damage done to their mitochondrial membranes. Although both Vitamin E and Silybin are included in Marin for Cats, Marin for Dogs is made distinct by its inclusion of zinc.

Low levels of zinc are associated with liver disease in dogs because zinc is necessary for a variety of important enzymatic reactions. One such reaction is the general healing of skin and flesh. This, as one might expect, plays an important role in the liverís ability to regenerate. Without zinc, the liverís regeneration is inhibited and without other safeguards, the damage done to the liver worsens.

Alternatives and Related Supplements

Although Marin is a great supplement to promote liver health, there are actually several supplements that were formulated to be taken with Marin for optimal liver health. Marin for Dogs is produced by Nutramax Laboratories, which also produces two other popular liver health supplements. Denamarin and Denosyl are specially formulated to work synergistically and give your dog every nutrient he needs for a healthy liver.

Denamarin, like Marin, includes Silybin; but in place of Vitamin E and Zinc, this supplement include S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe). SAMe is the raw material needed by dogs to make glutathione, which protects the liver. Denosyl also includes SAMe, but conversely does not include Vitamin E, Zinc or Silybin.

If your dog has a liver problem, then you should talk to your veterinarian about using supplements and changing your petís diet. Denamarin, Denosyl, and Marin are all available in unique formulations for cats as well. Order Nutramax Laboratories products to protect your petís liver today!