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Maxwell (5/10/10)

Name: Maxwell
Breed: Yorkie
Submitted by: Kathy M.
Location: New Haven, CT

Maxwell is my 11 year old miracle. He was diagnosed in June 2008 with Osteosarcoma and had a tumor removed from his upper palate, (an unusual place for this to develop). The last thing we suspected was Cancer. His prognosis at that time was 4 to 6 months. We decided against Chemo. He has been through so many ailments, past and present, is taking many medications, and always seems to bounce back. He's a trooper!

When he is up to playing, his favorite toys are anything that squeaks! He hates the vacuum cleaner, always attacking it. I've had to replace my vacuums twice. His favorite trick, since he was a puppy, is to sit next to you at the dinner table, tilt his head and give you the saddest face possible, so maybe you would drop something on the floor. Maxwell will be celebrating his 12th Birthday on May 5th.

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