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Medication Administration

Pets have such keen senses and can sniff out medication even when buried or crumbled into food. Skipping medication is not an option, and luckily for pet parents, EntirelyPets carries the best cat pill poppers, pill treats for dogs, and other medication administration tools to help (and fool) even the cleverest pets!

At one time or another, every pet parent will have to give their best furry friend a dose of medication. This can be a frustrating experience on both ends. You can take control of the situation by adding a few new tricks to your pet first aid kits. Pill poppers for cats and dogs (or “pet pillers”) can help pet owners efficiently administer pills swiftly and with ease. Another favored method for pet parents are pill treats or masks – they’re specifically formulated to disguise medication and convince your pet that he’s getting a savory treat! We carry the best pill treats from top brands like Vetoquinol, Greenies, and Pill-O’s. Take the stress out of administering your pet’s oral medication with EntirelyPets’ selection of pill crushers, pet pillers, syringes, and pill treats for dogs and cats.