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Pala-Tech Canine Tricky Treats

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Pala-Tech™ Canine Tricky Treats are a tasty and nutritious alternative to commonly used human food (i.e. cheese, hot dogs, peanut butter, etc.) for hiding pills, tablets and capsules when administering medication to your dog. Using Tricky Treats to deliver medication will make this experience a rewarding and simple task.

Each Tricky Treat is made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to provide an excellent mouth-feel, texture and functionality, so it is easy fo the dog to swallow the treat with the concealed medicaiton. This will prevent dogs from biting into bitter tasting medications and spitting them out. Dogs love to readily eat these treats.

Tricky Treats are conveniently wrapped in pairs to preserve freshness and prevent the treats from drying out and cracking.

    Tasty and nutritious alternative to commonly used human doof (i.e. cheese, hot dogs, peant butter, etc.) for hiding pills, tablets and capsules when administering
  • Simplify daily administration of medicaiton for dog owners.
  • Improve dosing compliance for medicine, which will generate better clinical results.
  • tricky Treats mask the smell and taste od medicine, so daily administration is now a rewarding and easy task.

  • Industry-first packaging to ensure freshness and for individualized dispensing.
  • Packaged specifically for use by licensed veterinarians in a clinic environment.
  • Two treats are individually wrapped in a cellophane weapper to keep the treats fresh and highly palatable.
  • Able to prescribe/dispense the proper number of treats for the period of medication dosing.
    • eliminate waste and have clients buy only what they need, saving them money.
    • For five days of antibiotic therapy, may only need to dispense 5-10 treats. Now you can dispense this correct amount versus the client purchasing product they will not need for this purpose.
    • See-through window makes it simple to see how much is left in the bag. Convenient for clinic staff and the dog owner.

    High quality soft chew formulation that only includes all natural ingredients.
  • No corn, wheat or soy included in either flavor.
  • Proprietary blend of natural ingredients provides an excellent mouth feel, testure and aroma providing a healthy, tasty and easy to swallow treat. This prevents the dog from biting into the bitter tating medicaiton and spitting it out.
  • Manufactured using cold extrusion technology with no heat and minimal mechanical stress, so the ingredients are not denature and will maintain their natural nutrition.

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