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Menswear Dog

Who is Menswear Dog?

Bodhi is a Shiba Inu with an impeccable sense of fashion. This stylish dog has gained fame for his chic appearance and modeling prowess. "Menswear Dog", as he's known, first came onto the scene in a blog made to show off his dapper clothes.

The Menswear Dog blog on Tumblr quickly gained notoriety and was almost instantly recognized as a potential marketing platform. Soon, Bodhi's owners were getting calls from GQ and deciding which modeling offers he should accept.

Claim to Fame:

Menswear Dog is known for not only being a dog wearing human clothes, but for a suave and daring sense of fashion. He is soon to be the star of a book entitled Menswear Dog: A Dog's Guide to Being a Man.

How Famous is He?

Bodhi has more than 70K Instagram followers and has been featured in multiple online publications such as the Daily Beast and The Awesomer.