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Who is Mishka?

Mishka is a 9 year-old Siberian Husky with a special talent. Mishka earned the Internet's attention when she was filmed making an interesting noise. Mishka was saying words- or at least it certainly sounds that way.

Mishka is able to imitate noises at the prompting of her owner with enough precision to genuinely resemble the actual words. Mishka has been filmed saying a wide variety of words and phrases at the prompting of her owner. Since posting her first video on Youtube, she has expanded her horizons to other social media channels.

Claim to Fame:

The ability to talk (almost). Mishka is adored by millions who have watched her youtube videos and left comments expressing their disbelief at Mishka's talent. Though some words are more clear than others, the fact that Mishka can say anything at all is quite the feat.

How Famous is She?

Mishka currently has more than 350K fans on Facebook- though her videos have received tens of millions of views. Mishka's most popular video on Youtube has received more than 87 million views.