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Mittenz (12/1/09)

Name: Mittenz
Breed:Red Angora/ Main Coon mix
Submitted by: Patricia T.
Location: San Jose, CA

This is Mittenz, my 8 year old Red Angora mixed breed cat. Mittenz likes to sleep on the bed and purrs fiercely when rubbed on his head and neck. He also likes to climb into my drawers and will scoop out all the clothes in drawer onto the floor for a cat nap in the afternoon. He is an incredibly smart cat that know how to open any drawer, door, window, you name itÖ.this strong kitty will attempt the impossible and succeed. He dislikes when I leave for work and will serenade me for hours when I get home to show how much I was missed at home.

Mittenz loves to carry his Pink Panther Doll all over the house and yard in his mouth while making these bizarre crying/singing noises. He cuddles it, feeds it by dropping it in his food and water dish, and sleeps with it. Itís truly amazing to watch, especially when he throws himself on it and attacks it by the neck and belly. All the fuz from inside is literally hanging out, but he enjoys to bite it while growling and tormenting it. Mittenz also likes Pounce and Whiskas soft chews in Chicken or Turkey. He also loves large catnip filled pillows to cuddle and play with. As a favorite trick, Mittenz loves playing fetch with his pink panther toy and sitting up to grab his treat with his paw and placing it in his mouth.

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