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Fleas and ticks are pretty common in dogs and cats. These bugs can cause skin irritation and they often leave your pets in extreme misery. Thankfully, getting rid of these pesky parasites is simple, especially when you are armed with a quality product such as the Mycodex All-In-One spray. The spray's specialized formulation can quickly control a serious infestation and is suited for both dogs and cats. A single application of the spray helps kill adult fleas and ticks while destroying eggs to prevent future occurrences. Apart from its anti-tick and anti-flea properties, the product also works as an insect repellent as it keeps flies, mosquitoes, and gnats away from your pet.

The Mycodex spray is completely waterproof, which means you can allow your pets to get wet and give them a bath without hampering the efficacy of the product. Speak to a vet to find out if Mycodex spray is right for your pet.

Active Ingredients. Mycodex makes use of powerful ingredients to kill fleas and ticks. Among other ingredients, it contains Pyrethrins, which affects the nervous system of the bugs, thereby rendering them inactive. The Mycodex spray also contains nylar, which inhibits the growth of eggs and provides a continuous protection against fleas and ticks weeks after administration.

Application: While protecting your petís eyes, nose, and mouth, you need to spray Mycodex solution on the coat. Spray against the direction of the hair to get the best penetration. If you have a long-haired pet, massage and ruffle the hair after spraying to promote deeper penetration of the solution.

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