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Nala the Cat

Who is Nala?

Nala the Cat is a popular cat whose photos have been liked and shared throughout the web. The young cat was adopted from a shelter and has gained notoriety among cat lovers in the online community.

This young star is still emerging with continual updates to her website and social media profiles. Unlike most other cats across the internet, much of Nala's popularity comes from general photographs as opposed to clever memes or gimmicks.

Claim to Fame:

Nala's most notable trait is her giant blue eyes that pierce your soul. Aside from Nala's propensity to act cute and her natural proclivity to be cute, she is just an ordinary cat leading an adorable life.

How Famous is She?

Nala's fame remains in the sphere of the web, though she's gained a tremendous fan base on Instagram with a whopping 980,000 followers. This awards her the honor of being the third most-followed cat on Instagram.