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Nutramax Laboratories

Joint problems are painful regardless of what season it is. Nutramax petsAccording to The Arthritis Foundation, one in every five adult dogs suffers from arthritis pain. But your pet doesnít have to suffer in silence; a leader in pet health, Nutramax Laboratories provides quality products for cats, dogs, horses and humans. Voted the number one veterinarian brand, Nutramax is dedicated in helping petís feel his or her best. Pet owners can feel happy and secure knowing that Nutramax uses only the purest, highest quality ingredients. The company provides products that help animals with a variety of health issues including: general health and wellness, joint problems and liver functionality. Let Nutramax help your pet feel his or her best all the time by choosing any or all of the following great products.

Cats and Dogs

Health and Wellness

Nutramax Laboratories provides pets with the nutrition and vitamins they need. Pet owners looking to help their dogsí immune system will benefit from Oxstrin. Oxstrin is a supplement specifically designed to help dogs manage oxidative stress. This Dogs and cats can benefit from Nutramaxsupplement will stimulate your dog's immune system, helping him or her to make more antioxidants. Oxstrin helps protect your petsí cellular health while boosting his or her immune system, helping to prevent infection and fight disease. Another great health supplement for pet owners to give their cat or dog is Welactin. Welactin is a nutritional supplement thatís rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help to maintain your petsí heart, kidneys, brain/vision, skin, and immune system. Welactin is easy to give and has a taste that pets will love. For pickier pets, this supplement can be mixed in food. Owners can choose from Welactin for Dogs or Welactin for Cats. CoMal Q10 contains oils such as coenzyme Q10; coenzyme Q10 helps protect cells in organs and throughout the body. Whatís unique about this supplement is that it also helps your cat or dogís body with the production of energy cells, helping them to feel great. CoMal Q10 comes in a variety of sizes and dosages so you can be sure to find the right one for your pet.

Joint and Mobility

One of the best supplements for joint and arthritis pain in cats and dogs is Cosequin. Cosequin is the #1 veterinarian recommended brand for pet arthritis pain. Cosequin plays an important roleDogs who take Nutramax can be more active in maintaining optimal joint functions in cats and dogs. The supplement is 100% safe to use on cats and dogs and can be used in conjunction with other medications to help increase its effectiveness. Cosequin is available in regular and double strength. Cosequin contains Glucosamine, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate and other high quality ingredients. This supplement is perfect for cats and dogs and comes in a capsule, tablet or chewable form. Cosequin Joint Support Kit gives pet ownersí two great supplements in one package. This kit contains one bottle of 120 Cosequin Double Strength chewable tablets and one bottle of 250 ml Welactin. The two supplements combined help to ensure that your dogís joints stay healthy and that they always feel their best. The Cosequin Joint Support Kit is ideal for pet owners looking to give their pets the joint help they need.

Liver Functions

Healthy liver functionality is essential to all pets, thatís why Nutramax created two unique products: Denosyl SD4 and Marin. Both supplements are used to help Nutramax's Denosyl and Marin help liver functionmaintain and improve liver functions.Marin contains a combination of silybin and vitamin E. Silybin in combination with Vitamin E has proven to have beneficial effects on the liver. Silybin is component of silymarin (derived from the milk thistle) and Vitamin E Vitamin an antioxidant. When combined together the two ingredients help to promote liver protein synthesis, provide antioxidants and creates a hepato- protector. Marin helps your petís liver by reducing liver stress and increasing hepatic support.† Looking for a supplement that will help manage your petís liver problems? Denosyl SD4 is what youíre looking for; Denosyl SD4 is a nutritional supplement thatís used to help manage a variety of liver problems including liver disease. Denosyl has been shown to improve liver function by protecting and repairing liver cells. The supplement can be used on dogs and cats and is recommended to help improve hepatic glutathione levels.


Healthy joint functionality is important to all animals, thatís why Nutramax created Cosequin Equine. This specially formulated supplement helps to maintain jointNutramax has horse products also functions in your horse. Cosequin Equine contains ingredients such Glucosamine, Manganese Ascorbate and Purified Chondroitin. The unique formula in this supplement helps your horseís joints feel his or her best while strengthening muscles, bones and tendons. Cosequin Equine comes in powder or concentrate form and is available with MSM. Horse owners looking to give their stallion extra help will benefit from Cosequin Equine OPTIMIZED; Cosequin Optimized is formulated to give your horse higher levels of the active ingredients to feel his or her best.


Humans can gain joint assistance with Nutramax Cosamin DSMany people know Nutramax for its animal products; however, they do carry many human products including a form of Cosequin called Cosamin DS. Cosamin DS is specially formulated for human use and contains only quality ingredients such as TRH122 (low molecular weight), chondroitin sulfate, and vitamin C. Cosamin can be used for individuals that have joint problems caused from age, inactivity, over activity, excess weight, injury, and genetics. Cosamin has exclusive ingredients which means that youíll take fewer capsules over time while still feeling healthy.

Nutramax Laboratories has been providing quality products for over 10 years. The company continues to grow and provide quality products that help to maintain and benefit pet health. Look to Nutramax, the #1 veterinarian brand to help your petís health. Learn more about Nutramax and their products at Nutramax .
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Nutramax Laboratories
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