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Nyan Cat

Who is Nyan Cat?

OK- so Nyan Cat isn't a cat, exactly. This 8-bit animated character is actually only half-cat. The rest of this little guy is actually a giant pastry. He may not be a cat, exactly, but he certainly embodies everything a cat on the web strives to achieve.

This character combines his cute appearance with the random and candid nature that makes memes go viral. Nyan Cat typically stays true to his identity as a toasted pastry cat that flies on rainbows through space.

Claim to Fame

As previously stated, Nyan Cat pretty much sticks to what got him famous- flying through space with a rainbow trail to some awesome techno music.

How Famous is He?

Nyan Cat has been featured in numerous spin-offs and video games with the original video having more than 100 million views. For those that argue Nyan Cat doesn't belong in the same category as real cats- consider that his creater owned two cats whom he loves, one of which passed recently. When his cat passed away in his arms, Nyan Cat's website reflected the change. Nyan Cat was replaced with a "sad Nyan Cat" to mourn the loss of Marty, his creator's late cat.