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Omega Alpha D-Ribose (1 lb)

Item: AO254718
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Omega Alpha D-Ribose improves athletic performance and aids muscle recovery in horses. This product supplies your horse with a natural source of d-ribose, an organic compound that is used to create adenine triphosphate (ATP), an important source of energy in mammals. A sharp drop in ATP, which occurs after a heart attack, can result in serious heart damage, Supplying your horse with ATP prevents this damage.

Omega Alpha D-Ribose is perfect for relieving fatigue in horses or for treating horses who are recovering from cardiac distress. This product contains two pounds of the supplement, but a 2-pound size also available. This supplement will help keep your horse's heart healthy, so order today!

Key Features:
  • Contains d-ribose for ATP formation
  • Can aid in heat health, muscle recovery, and performance enhancement
  • Useful Information

    1-2 level scoops after exercise (5-10g)

    Promotes speedy recovery after exercise. Important component for ATP production.

    For oral use only

    Does not test in competition

    Not recommended for mares in foal

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