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Insect Repellents

Just like you, your pet is susceptible to bothersome disease-carrying bugs like mosquitoes, ticks and flies. Pets, especially dogs, love their outdoor fun time, and you love to take them with you on your greatest adventures. However, dogs often become an easy target for mosquitoes and other insects that hover around them, causing irritation. Dogs are also susceptible to some mosquito-borne health threats such as heartworms and encephalitis. EntirelyPets is happy to offer a broad selection of pet-safe insect repellant so that you can keep your furry family members guarded from pesky bugs.

As a pet parent, you need to apply insect repellent or a high-quality mosquito spray before letting your pet outside. These natural insect repellents for dogs and cats repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects without causing any harm to your beloved pet. Bug repellent products are not just restricted to sprays and creams. There are also several varieties of wearable pet products such as vests, T-shirts, hoodies, and bandanas by Insect Shield that emit special repelling agents to keep insects away. Insect Shield pet insect repellant apparel is treated with Permethrin - a synthetic insecticide and insect repellant that's safe for dogs - over tight-fiber fabric to ensure odorless insect protection wherever your pet goes.

Additionally, we also supply pet-safe bug repellant cream that kills mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, ticks, ear mites and more on-contact. Sentry Fly Repellant Cream, for example, is a potent insect repellant that can be safely used on dogs, cats and horses. No matter which bug treatment you choose to buy, you can be sure to find it right here at EntirelyPets. We have dedicated a page for insect and mosquito repellent products that promise to keep your pet safe and happy. Find everything from wearable repellent products to insect repellent pet beds right here in our store. To make sure you never have to compromise on quality and safety, we feature some of the most reputed pet care brands in the industry including Insect Shield, Sentry and Flys Off.