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VIP Fly Repellent Ointment

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Hot and humid climate brings with it the increased risk of fly invasion. Horses in stables are especially vulnerable. Flies are annoying little creatures that irritate your animal. They are also carriers of deadly pathogens which lead to serious health conditions. Flies are attracted to wounds and if left unchecked they can cause anything from secondary infections to maggot infestations. Long story short, you donít want flies plaguing your animals. The first step is to keep the fly infested area clean and dry. You should also consider protecting your pets by using a quality fly repellent topical product. These products provide 24X7 protection by killing and repelling flies and other pesky insects.
Give your pet the VIP treatment with the VIP Fly Repellent Ointment. Suited for both dogs and horses, the product kills ticks and repels flies. The product contains powerful ingredients such as Pyrethrins and Piperonyl Butoxide to create an invisible barrier thatís guaranteed to keep flies off your beloved pets. VIP Fly Repellent can also be applied to a wound to keep the area protected. Apart from keeping flies at bay, the ointment works as an anti-tick product and can kill ticks present in your petís toes and ears.

We urge you to read the directions of usage and precautionary statement printed on the product before application.

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