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Otis & Claude Ballistic Buddy Dog Toy with Rope (8")

Item: SB13106
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Otis & Claude Ballistic Buddy Training Dummy Dog Toy is a unique and exhilirating toy for your dog. The Ballistic Buddy Training Dummy Dog Toy has a squeaker in an intriguing shape that your dog will love. The toy is made with heavy duty nylon exteriors for high-durability and is sewn together for extra strength. The edging is reinforced and a PVC packing ensures your dog won't destroy this toy easily. The toy is lined with 100% polyester and comes in a bright red color with beautiful black fabric on the back.

Over 100 years ago, in a very small town, Otis and Claude were building clever toys by hand. They used the best materials, and worked at their designs until they were extraordinary. Their handiwork lives on with Otis and Claude Ballistic Buddy pet toys. The Ballistic Buddy line of toys utilize a strong fabric and simple designs to make a squeak toy that will last long.

Key Features:
  • Heavy duty nylon oxford exteriors, same as durable, ballistic material found on travel luggage
  • Lined with 100% polyester
  • Sewn for extra strength with black, reinforced edging
  • PVC backing added to make it even stronger

Useful Information

Remove if worn or damaged.

Customer Reviews

27 Reviews
30% (8)
26% (7)
22% (6)
4% (1)
19% (5)
67% Recommend this product (18 of 27 responses)
By alty
January 20, 2017
lasted 10 minutes longer than some
I have an aggressive chewing boston terrier. she had the squeaker out in 15 minutes. It usually only takes her 5 minutes so it was a little more of a challenge. For a normal dog I would think it would be ok but for one who lives to rid all things of squeakers and stuffing maybe not.
By WYpsychologist
Laramie, WY
October 22, 2016
I have a happy choc lab who LOVES to fetch or carry around his floating fabric frisbees with wrapped rubber edge. I bought this quickly thinking it was the same thing-- wrong!! It is smaller with foam padding in the middle and I can't even get him to pick it up. oh well, at least it didn't cost much.
By Akitagirl3
Gresham, OR
April 16, 2016
Not Akita Proof
There are few toys a Akita can't tear apart. Unfortunately this is not one of them. The toy lasted 2 weeks before the covering was ripped.
By Nancy J.
Hoschton, GA
January 19, 2016
Otis & Claude Ballistic Buddy Dog Toy-Bone 8"
This Ballistic Buddy Dog Toy was a Ballistic disaster.
It self destructed within five minutes of play.
Poorly constructed.
By WoofyToys
January 4, 2016
Great Indoor Throw/Fetch Toy
Teaching my pitbull mix pup to retrieve indoors, since it's winter. This soft toy throws well, is easy on walls, floor and furniture, and holds up well to mouthing/moderate chewing. Even though I don't let him chew on it for more than a minute, he likes the feel. Sorta wish it had a squeaker, though.
By LabLover100
Albany, NY
October 5, 2015
This toy looked like THE answer to our dedicated toy destroyer. I am sad to report that within 5 minutes, 65 pound Raven had begun deconstructing this toy. Within half an hour, all the interior fluff was strewn all around the floor and she was working on killing the squeaky before I traded her a biscuit for it. I was most disappointed. She liked it as long as it lasted.
By baltos m.
long island, ny
May 4, 2015
free toy
it is always a wonderful thing when you get something free!
By Nancy
St Louis,MO
April 29, 2015
Not for serious chewers
It only lasted about five minutes with a committed chewer.
By carrieg321
April 28, 2015
Great Toy
My dog loves it and has not seemed to be able to chew it to shreds. She loves to play and loves to chew. This is strong material. She also likes the squeeker in it.
By jobo
April 27, 2015
very well made
This dog toy is very well made.. my dog loved it at first but lost interest and now it just kind of lays around.. but, if a dog stayed interested and played with it, it would last forever..
By susieq
Roseburg, OR
April 23, 2015
great toy
My dog (a dobie) loves it and carries it all around. She is also a chewer but she has not been able to destroy this toy. Strongly recommended
By Molly's D.
Baie Comeau, Quebec
April 22, 2015
Red textile Bone
My dog loves it and keeps hiding it. Good selection
By randy2000
Kailua, Hawaii
April 22, 2015
Review for Otis & Claude Ballistic Buddy Dog Toy - Bone (8")
My 75 pound Amstaff tore this bone up within an hours time.
By Deanie
Whitesburg, Ga.
January 16, 2015
non destructible?
This toy is made out of the same material as the chew man and the frisbee. She seems to like carrying and chewing hasn't damaged or destroyed yet.
By Deanie
Whitesburg, Ga.
January 16, 2015
Little man
My little girl seems to like just carrying this around the house. She has fun prancing and hasn't destroyed it yet.
By Deanie
Whitesburg, Ga.
January 16, 2015
Light, handy, so far non destructible. Just finished chasing the pup around the yard playing with it.
By gary J.
June 14, 2014
Not as tough as it looks
Dog has torn pieces of the trim loose after just playing fetch. It looks like a tough durable toy but it's the same as the cheap stuff you can buy in retail stores. Disappointed
By Gary J.
June 14, 2014
flightless disc
Not very aerodynamic ("flies" lopsided and mostly vertically). Dog has already torn off pieces of the edge trim. Waste of money.
By Marilyn
April 3, 2014
More durable than most
This was a good size for my Jack Russell mix to carry around in his mouth. He likes it and it is proving more durable than most. He usually takes only a couple of minutes to destroy a new toy and get the stuffing out. This one has some damage, but it has lasted a few days already, which is a minor miracle.
By Marilyn
Lexington KY
April 3, 2014
Lasted longer than most
My dog took an instant liking to this toy. He usually destroys a new toy in less than 2 minutes, even ones labeled "tough". This one lasted two days before the stuffing came out, so it was a definite improvement. We are still getting some fun out of it with the rope tug end.
By MikeH
March 30, 2014
Durable Product
Bought several and our dogslvoe them. Very durable, held up nicely even with our Lab destroys everything.
By Tonka
January 10, 2014
Not as durable as we'd hoped
Our English Bulldog was able to puncture a hole in the body of it within a few hours, so that was a bit of a bummer. But he wasn't able to rip it apart and there aren't loose pieces, so it hasn't been trashed yet. The rope part of it is still perfectly intact even though it's been gnawed on quite a bit.
By trudog
Northridge, CA
January 10, 2014
It's indestructible
We have a five year old Golden Retriever named Cooper who truly enjoys playing with his toys. Most of his toys end up in the trash as he loves to tear them apart and find the squeaker. The Ballistic Buddy Dog toy is a marvel. No matter how many times we wrestle and play with the toy it still does not rip. What a great value for the money!
By Levi
January 8, 2014
No Head to Rip Off
There are no heads, eyes, ears or hands to readily rip off. It has stayed in one piece. Levi is not chewing on this toy like he has for so many others. The texture of the fabric, I believe, deters this bad habit. No, it is not as cute and soft as other toys, but that's why he rips them up.......They are cute and soft. He carries it around with him and makes sure that it is always out of his basket. Levi even sent one of these to his new girlfriend Bella in Colorado.
Bogotá Colombia
December 30, 2013
These products filled my expectations 100% perfect for training
By Carla
Carmichael, CA
December 27, 2013
Not worth the price, even on sale
My dog tore through the cover of this in less than a minute. No exaggeration.
By 3dogs
November 27, 2013
Easy to rip apart
The material itself is durable but with the edging and seams, it is easy for the dogs sharp canine teeth to get a hook on it and dig in. For a dog who is just going to carry it around and lightly chew - this would probably be a good product.

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