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Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys - Fox (23") Video

Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys - Fox (23")

Item: SB13266-23
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Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys are a line of dog toys designed to provide entertainment and play for dogs without the mess and potential hazards associated with traditional stuffed toys.

Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys are plush toys designed to resemble various animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. They are made with durable materials, including reinforced seams and tough fabrics, to withstand rough play and chewing. These toys typically have squeakers inside for added fun and engagement. Unlike traditional stuffed toys, CritterZ toys are specially designed to be stuffing-free, eliminating the risk of ingestion or messy stuffing scattered around the house.

Key Features:

  • Durability: These toys are constructed with reinforced seams and tough fabrics, making them more resistant to rough play and chewing. This durability ensures that the toys last longer, providing extended playtime for your dog.
  • Safety: The stuffing-free design eliminates the risk of your dog ingesting or choking on stuffing material. This is particularly beneficial for dogs who tend to tear apart traditional stuffed toys.
  • Mess-free: With no stuffing inside, CritterZ toys do not create a mess when played with or torn apart. You won't have to deal with loose fluff scattered around your home or worry about cleaning up after playtime.
  • Squeaker engagement: These toys often include built-in squeakers that provide auditory stimulation and entertainment for your dog. The squeaking sound can enhance play and keep your dog engaged and excited during play sessions.
  • Variety: Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys come in a variety of animal designs, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your dog's preferences. The assortment of animals adds novelty and keeps your dog interested in their toys.

Overall, Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys offer a safe and durable alternative to traditional stuffed toys. They provide entertainment and engagement for dogs while eliminating the mess and potential hazards associated with stuffing.

Useful Information

  1. Introduce the toy to your dog: Present the CritterZ toy to your dog and allow them to sniff and inspect it. Encourage positive association by offering praise or treats when they show interest in the toy.
  2. Supervised play: Always supervise your dog while they are playing with any toy, including CritterZ toys. This ensures their safety and helps prevent them from damaging the toy or ingesting any parts.
  3. Engage your dog: Encourage your dog to play with the CritterZ toy by tossing it, playing tug-of-war, or engaging in interactive play sessions. The built-in squeaker can be used to further engage and excite your dog during playtime.
  4. Monitor wear and tear: Regularly inspect the toy for any signs of damage or wear. If you notice any tears, loose threads, or other potential hazards, it's best to replace the toy to ensure your dog's safety.
  5. Clean as needed: If the CritterZ toy becomes dirty, you can clean it by spot cleaning with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach that may be harmful to your dog. Allow the toy to dry thoroughly before giving it back to your dog.
  6. Rotate toys: To keep your dog interested and prevent toy fatigue, consider rotating their toys regularly. This allows for variety and keeps their playtime engaging and exciting.

Remember, every dog is unique, so observe your dog's behavior and preferences while using Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys. Adjust the playtime and interactions based on your dog's needs and personality.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
21 Reviews
52% (11)
19% (4)
14% (3)
5% (1)
10% (2)
76% Recommend this product (16 of 21 responses)
By Rackbar
Cooper City Florida
Perfect present
August 27, 2023
This soft and adorable little pink bunny dog toy was the perfect gift for the little dog next door from her bestie my Fred the Fabulous cat who plays with her.
  • Well made and adorable
By LPeck
Sneads Ferry NC
Didn't hold up very well
January 22, 2016
I bought two of these for my dogs.They liked them, but my Springer Spaniel had the squeakers out of both of them within the first hour. Not good for aggressive chewers obviously! My Shepherd mix likes walking around squeaking them, but sadly now they have no squeakers so he ignores them!
By houtxjcc
Houston, TX
Love it
December 26, 2015
Our dog really enjoys this toy and it holds up really well for games of tug while watching TV. She loves flipping it around and tossing it up in the air and is quick to grab it when we get to the TV room. If you dog likes stuffing free toys, they will really love this one.
By monkey
Pomeroy, Ohio
Review for Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys - Fox (18")
December 7, 2015
I wish these didn't have the squeaker in them due to my dog won't stop till he gets that squeaker out of it.
By Jenny
Cute toy for small dogs
November 4, 2015
Our Lhasas love dragging this toy around, and we don't have to worry about stuffing all over the place!
By dragonfly
More fun-less fuzz
August 14, 2015
I bought these furry critters as Christmas presents for my dogs & a friend's dog. The dogs have all had Otis & Claude stuffing free toys before & loved them!! My two like to play tug-of-war with each other or one of their humans. I love them because I don't have fluffy stuffing all over the house--a big plus!!
By Robin
Philadelphia, PA
Claude Critter Z Stuffing Free Dog Toy
July 23, 2015
I have two dogs who like to play with it together.
Reno, NV
Skeeker broke after 2 uses
July 1, 2015
It was cute, my 5 year old Aussie loved it but the squeaker broke after only twice.
By lizbug
San Antonio, tx
Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing
June 26, 2015
Great toy without stuffing.
My english bully loves her baby. She likes to shake it around and run with it. likes us to play with her. She loves toys.
By redox
chicago, IL
Great Toy
June 22, 2015
Cannot destroy!! Can drag around and squeak without stuffing.
By Happy P.
Hickory, NC
Loves the squeak!
June 13, 2015
Having a squeaker at each end is great for her. Also the non-stuffing body lets her play tug a lot easier. Have the shorter version as well which she drags out of her toy box most days.
By Bobbie
Edenton, North Carolina
"Gigi" loves her new toy
June 3, 2015
Although the toy arrived with 1 of the 2 squeakers not working, my dog loves her new "baby."
Review for Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys - Fox (18")
May 26, 2015
Jack my golden retriever loves this stuffing free toy plus it has 2 squeakers
By Cathy
Rowley, Ma
Otis & Clyde CritterZ Rabbit
May 17, 2015
Good product for the price. My puppy loves it and it's stuffing free!
By Pebbles
San Jose california
She Loves It
February 8, 2015
My little Lhasa loves that toy. The squeekers are large and can't be pulled apart like the small plastic ones are.
This was a great buy
By bridgie
Menifee, CA
Not good for chewers
January 16, 2015
We got our 1.5 yr old doxi the stuffing free dog toys and within 20 minutes she had them tore up. Holes everywhere on them. So in the garbage they went. Sorry I spent the money on them. I guess if you have a dog that doesn't chew they are good.
By surory
Otis & Claude
February 27, 2014
Both squeakers, each end, were removed inside of thirty minutes. It did hold up as a tug toy.
By Dan
Wyalusing, Penna.
My Dog Loved This
January 1, 2014
My cocker spaniel, Tucker, loves his new raccoon. He barks and growls at it when I hold it and squeak it, and enjoys playing fetch with it in the house. No matter how much Tucker chews on it, the raccoon is staying together, a testament to its quality construction.
By lab l.
Review for Otis & Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Dog Toys - Fox (18")
December 27, 2013
The squeaker was really loud and scared my dog who is pretty timid. After I cut the squeaker out she then played with it.
By treatsrgreat
pound ridge, ny
not worth it - stuffing or not
December 9, 2013
In two minutes my lab ripped out the squeaker and that was it.

Not having stuffing just made the clean up job easier for me, that is the only positive thing I can say.
By Deanna
Moriarty, NM
I love these dog toys!
November 22, 2013
My dogs love these stuffing free toys! They play and tug at the toy over and over! Both love to find the squeakers! Best dog toys ever! Thanks Entirely Pets for carrying a great selection of these fine dog toys!

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