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Otis & Claude Grooming Gloves

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Keep your pet's hair off your furniture by removing it at the source, with the help of Otis & Claude Pet Grooming Gloves! These gloves utilize a five-finger design that give you more mobility and control when deshedding and grooming your pet. The rubber nodules are gentle on your petís skin, yet sturdy enough to get rid of any unwanted hair. The gloves move with your joints and make it easier to hold your pet and follow the curvature of their coat, reaching all sides of their body to effectively remove their loose hair. Otis & Claude Pet Grooming Gloves are one size fits all and are comfortable and easy to clean. Once the grooming is complete, simply peel off the layer of hair from the glove!

The breathable material will keep the gloves fresh and clean, but they are also machine washable if they need a little extra help. These versatile gloves can also be used during baths and massages. Theyíll provide a deeper clean while bathing and massaging your pet may improve their circulation and the appearance of their coat. Otis & Claude Pet Grooming Gloves will keep your home hair-free and your pet relaxed and looking great!

  • GENTLE DESHEDDING - The rubber nodules are gentle on your petís skin, but sturdy enough to de-shed effectively.
  • CONTROL & MOBILITY - The five-finger design gives you full mobility while grooming your pet. It imitates the act of petting your pet and they will feel more comfortable while getting groomed. These grooming gloves are one size fits all and can be adjusted with a velcro strap.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Once the grooming is complete, peel the layer of removed hair off the glove with ease. The gloves are also machine washable.
  • MULTIPURPOSE GLOVES - The pet grooming gloves are also great to use during baths and massages. The textured surface will provide your pet with a soothing feeling thatíll keep them relaxed and feeling great.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS - No matter the type of pet you have, they will all benefit from grooming gloves. Ideal for dogs, cats, and horses.

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