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Petlinks Interactive Cat Toys

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Introducing the Mystery Motion Concealed-mouse, the world's greatest interactive cat toy. Revolutionary in design, its built-in computer board signals a battery-powered motor, creating random and unpredictable, "mouse-like" movements. More than just a toy for cats, Mystery Motion provides hours of fun for both pet and owner.

Do you feel guilty leaving your cat alone? The Mystery Motion is your solution! You can leave the house knowing your cat's best friend, Mystery Motion Concealed-mouse, is there to keep your pet happy for hours on end.

Crazy, wild, and full of surprises, Mystery Motion is the much meowed-for answer for playful cats everywhere. With Mystery Motion Concealed-mouse, when you're away, your cat will play!

The speed settings make this toy compatible for cats of all ages. The power button adjusts the speed movements to allow slower speeds for kittens and faster speeds for adult cats.

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