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Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Treats Reviews

Pet Naturals of Vermont is a pet supply company that produces top-quality pet treats, supplies, and supplements. Though they make products for both cats and dogs, each product is formulated specifically for one type of pet to ensure that it meets their exact needs. Among the impressive line-up of popular pet products are Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Treats.

These treats are great-tasting, bone-shaped chews that relieve stress in dogs. Using a proprietary blend of nutrients, the treats reduce barking, excessive scratching, inappropriate elimination, and other nervous or aggressive behaviors. The snacks are available in two unique formulations for dogs of different sizes with one for smaller dogs weighing less than 25 pounds and the larger for dogs weighing 25 pounds or more.

If you need a simple way to calm your dog in any situation- this is the dog treat for you. But why take our word for it? Check out these real reviews from real customers.

Not every calming solution is easy to administer to pets, so having a treat that can calm your dog can be a great thing for many dog owners. But are these treats really that enticing? Ask Diane and her picky pitbull.

"Dogs love these bone shaped meds. My dogs can't wait until they can eat one."

So they appeal to dogs- but do they calm them? Pet Naturals recommends using these treats for thunderstorms, which can be extremely stressful for pets. In this review, Gordonlady and her Gordon Setter regale us with the tale of their endeavor to use these treats to combat the stress caused by chaotic weather.

"When I know it's going to be a tough weather day, I give one of these to my dog at the beginning of the day. As thunderstorms get closer, I add another chew. She loves the taste and takes them like any treat. And they really do help her deal with her anxiety. She does not get near as worried and many times she will even lay quietly and go to sleep. These chews have been a positive addition to our counterconditioning work."

Gordonlady’s review tells us that these treats hold up against nature’s stress test- but when these storms strike, it can also leave particularly active pets feeling cramped and restless. Fret not- for BunnyBear assures us that, once again, the solution to our ails is none other than Pet Naturals.

“I am reordering since I have found the chews work in taking the edge off. I live in the area hit by Sandy and Nemo, and sometimes it is not safe to walk the dogs, and they do get stir crazy ... not their fault. This helps. […] Also, my Vet OKed the ingredients for my trio ... 2 Bichons and one Maltese.”

BunnyBear’s review shows us not only that these treats can relieve restlessness- but that it can even work well in households with multiple pets. But what about pets with problems that further confound their stress management? Look no further than Carebear’s glowing account of how these treats help with her three Cocker Spaniels- one of which faces unique adversity.

“This has been the only product that has worked for my anxious cocker spaniel who has epilepsy and gets nervous in certain situations. This calms her down within 15 minutes of chewing a treat. I give her about 3 treats prior to grooming and she gets through the grooming with little to no problem compared to not giving her anything prior to grooming. May not work for all dogs, but works for mine and will continue to use.”

We’re glad these treats could help these reviewers- but, as BunnyBear points out, these treats may not work for all dogs. In spite of their stellar reviews and 4-star rating, some dogs may not respond to the calming ingredients in these treats. For those dogs, you can always try another calming treat, like Bonies Calming Formula, or a natural pheromone based solution, like Adaptil DAP collars.

Have you used Pet Naturals or another product that you think stands out above the rest? Don’t forget to leave a review and let us know which products are you and your pet’s favorites- or leave a comment with your favorites below!