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Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Pet Parents [Infographic]

Hope you are having a nice summer! With the hot weather setting in, we wanted to remind folks that amidst the fun and games, pet health should be kept top of mind to help ensure a safe season for all. To keep dogs and cats out of harmís way, the ASPCA has created a helpful infographic with the Top 5 Summer Dangers for Pets, including:

1. Fireworks & Thunderstorms
Loud noises like fireworks are one of the top reasons pets go missing, so secure your pet in an escape-proof place.

2. Sun & Heat
High summer temperatures and bright days can mean dehydration, overheating, and scorched paws. Know the signs of overheating (excessive panting, increased heart rate, and weakness) and bring your pup indoors or to a cool, shady place.

3. Toxic Chemicals
Insecticides, citronella products, and glow sticks are toxic to pets. Keep your pet away from areas where chemicals have been sprayed and ensure dangerous products are out of reach.

4. Parties & Barbecues
If your petís joining the party, make sure guests donít feed your pet human food (especially grapes, onions, avocado, and chocolate) and ensure alcoholic drinks are kept out of your petís reach.

5. Hot Cars
Even with the windows open an inch, a carís temperature can reach over 100į in 10 minutes on an 85į day. One quick errand can turn dangerous in minutes, so leave your pet safely at home. Sign our Hot Car Pledge to help save lives this summer and all year long.

top five summer safety health tips for dog cat pet parents - infographic

For another great resource on pet safety, check out this comprehensive resource from Expertise.

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