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Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer

Summer is here! And although it can mean parties, barbecues, and beach bonfires- it can also mean extreme heat and dangerous conditions for your pet. Whether your pets are staying home or joining you in your estival escapades, itís important to make sure that they are protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Sunburns, dehydration, and heat stress are among some of the serious conditions that warrant vigilant care from pet owners. For those looking to keep their pets safe and healthy, weíve compiled a list of products that make summer pet care simple!
Sun Protection

Sunburns may seem like a minor nuisance but every sun burn your pet receives increases their risk of developing skin cancer. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sunís rays can do serious damage to your petís skin, meaning that itís important to find a topical solution to reflect these harmful rays. If you notice that your pet has any skin discolorations or sores after playing out in the sun, a checkup with the vet is recommended.

Use these products to keep your pet protected and soothe any skin irritations:
Doggles Pet
Sunscreen (2 oz)
Dermoscent Bio
Balm (50 ml)
Derm Tabs ES Extra Strength for Dogs Vita-Soothe Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo (17 oz)

Pets with heavy coats often shed naturally during the summer seasons. For most pets, this is an adequate way of finding relief from the heat of the summer sun; however, other pets need further grooming to stay cool. A hair cut and proper grooming also work to reduce unwanted shedding that can otherwise fill a house with fur.

Choose from these great products to do the job:
FURminator Deshedding Tool Millers Forge Curved
Grooming Scissors
Millers Forge Vista
Combo Brush
Andis Cordless
Pet Trimmer


Whether you and your pet prefer heading to the beach for a party or to the mountains for a hike, summer fun often requires a bit of travel. Portable water bowls and water bottles are essential for keeping your pet hydrated on the road- while dog sunglasses and fun summer toys can help make your petís outdoor experience as pleasant as possible.

These items are essential for pet owners who want to bring their pet along on any outdoor adventures:
Lixit Dog Travel Water
Bowl - 3 Quarts
Lixit Dog Water
Bottle (32oz.)
Dexas Popware
Plastic Bowls

Otis and Claude
Bettie Fetch Toy
Flying Squirrel